Important Information for Active Duty Military Clients

If you are active duty military and seeking services, please pay attention to the following information.

Historically, active duty military members required a referral for civilian mental health services to be authorized through their command. It has come to our attention that this policy has recently changed, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you take all the appropriate steps prior to starting treatment.

Sometimes TriCare requires that you provide the National Provider Index (NPI) number so they can approve your services. These are the NPI numbers which may be requested:

Dr. Matthew Seitman's Individual NPI: 1356742993
Dynamic Pathways Psychology Group NPI: 1083494629

We will make every accommodation to ensure that your treatment does not negatively impact your military service, but we also expect you to work with your command to ensure that your mental health treatment is a priority. At your request, we will provide you a written confirmation of your recurring appointments to provide to your command to ensure that your appointment times are accommodated. In the event that you need to miss an appointment due to military obligations, we expect that you make every attempt to cancel or reschedule your appointment within the cancellation and no-show policy requirements. If you cannot, please provide our office with a signed copy of the "Military Duty Waiver" form. 

For those individuals in the United States Navy currently with orders to a sea duty, please be aware that the frequency of deployments and underways can negatively impact your progress in treatment. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to hold your recurring appointments if there will be prolonged or frequent cancellations due to underways or deployments. We reserve the right to limit the number of new patients with orders to a sea duty.

We only accept new active duty military patients located in California with TriCare West as the insurance provider. If you are a current patient who receives new orders to a state where your provider is licensed to provide services, we are in-network with TriCare East to ensure continuity of care via telehealth services.

If you are in the process of separating from the military, please be aware that there will be an interruption in your insurance coverage and you will be responsible for securing alternative coverage for the period prior to VA benefits taking effect. If you do not have alternate coverage or make alternative financial arrangements, your sessions will be billed at your provider's full cash rate.