Jewish Integration
Nefesh v'Neshama

"Not to speak about the Jewish view. . .creates a vacuum more likely to be filled with Christian perspectives that vary significantly from the Jewish outlook. The generic blanket of 'Western religion' serves only to weigh Judaism down with burdens that are not hers"

-Rabbi Harold Shulweis

Integrating Jewish values into therapy. Sounds crazy no?

At Dynamic Pathways Psychology, Inc., we understand that sometimes our lived experiences and our cultural or religious values may not always align. When it is requested, we will use our understanding of Jewish laws, customs, and debates to best reconcile those values which may not align. We know this can be difficult, but it is best to remember that most of modern Jewish perspectives are based in debates and challenging questions - so why should yours be any different?

It is also important to remember that in the United States there is a history of the larger society promoting "Judeo-Christian" values, often when Jewish values and Christian values do not align. This effort towards hegemony often undermines Jewish perspectives, and, without good understanding may lead us to inadvertently hold values that aren't Jewish values.

You do not have to be Jewish to benefit from Jewish integration. For individuals working to deconstruct their previously held views of religion or religious beliefs, Jewish Integration can be used as a counterpoint to highlight the differences between belief structures. By exploring these counterpoints, it helps to broaden the perspective and recognize that so often we use the word "religion" when our experiences are limited to only one faith background.