Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Psychodiagnositc assessment serves a variety of purposes and functions. Assessment reports can be a key to accessing certain services, supports, or medications. Unfortunately, sometimes accessing assessment can be difficult and many institutions have extensive wait lists. At Dynamic Pathways Psychology, Inc. we aim to make assessment available and accessible. In line with our practice values, we aim to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is most supportive and functional for you, individualizing the psychodiagnostic assessment battery to best meet your needs and provide you with the most information. We offer both comprehensive psychodiagnostic assessment batteries or targeted ADHD assessments for individuals 8 and older.

When you come in for a psychodiagnostic assessment, you can expect this to be a multi-session process. You will meet with one of our qualified staff who will administer a variety of assessments and interviews. Typically your first scheduled session will be a clinical interview where our assessors will work to get a comprehensive understanding of you and your history. After that first session, you will schedule with your assessor future appointments when you will complete the assessments. Be prepared that a comprehensive battery will take multiple hours to complete. All this information will be compiled into a report, and your last session will be meeting with your assessor to review the results of your assessment and clinical recommendations.

Psychodiangostic assessment is typically covered by insurance. Prior to scheduling, please verify with your insurance provider your benefits specifically for assessment and if a referral is necessary. If you are not using insurance, we can provide a Superbill for you to submit to your insurance. You should review our Fee Schedule so you understand how assessment is billed.

If you are interested in an assessment, please email or call 619-635-2634 to schedule.