Beyond Taboos

Affirming & Embracing Gender, Orientation, Sexual and Relationship Diversity.

At Dynamic Pathways Psychology, we believe in embracing and affirming the unique diversity that is human expression and experience. Gender identity, romantic orientation, sexual orientation, sexual interests, and relationships are diverse, unique, and an essential part of the human condition. We also know that understanding and accepting that diversity can be challenging. We work with our clients in a sex-positive affirming space to help you discuss and explore any and all aspects of your personhood that are central to you.

We work with you to better understand yourself as well as your wants, needs, and desires to ensure that you are functioning in the most authentic and healthiest way possible. We work with you to build confidence so you can be yourself and engage in any and all intimate behaviors that align with your authentic being. We approach all sexual and intimate dynamics from a consent focused sex-positive integrated approach. 

There are times when our experiences put us at odds with our interests and desires. We work with you to help integrate those experiences so you can live your most dynamically authentic life.

How Dynamic Pathways Psychology is beyond taboo: